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Alienation Has Arrived

Housemarque, the developers behind Dead Nation were proud to launch their latest twin stick, top down shooter on the 26th April. Alienation has been greeted with great excitement and praise from the loyal fans who have been waiting since the game was first announced at GamesCom 2014.

The game features many of the concepts enjoyed by consumers in Dead Nation but with a lot of improvements. For example enemies and objects can randomly spawn on levels meaning you can’t keep replaying the same bits to try and get really good and instead are compelled to just wing it. This undoubtedly improves the re-playability of the game and extends the amount of time players can continue to have fun with it.


Graphics wise the game is looking good and up to standard with similar titles, perfect for enjoying the awe inspiring carnage the game displays. Alienation does allow for solo play but has a strong emphasis on teamwork and using the co-op mode, it works as a drop in drop out online system where assumingly you choose the level you wish to play and get match made with other players wanting to do the same thing. However if someone in the 4 person group were to leave mid game they would be replaced by another player. There are rumours Housemarque will introduce couch co-op but we don’t believe anything official has been announced just yet.

Finally a last few potential points of interest, Alienation will support a PvP mode where you can either invade or defend against other players. There will be an extensive variety of character passive and active abilities as well as 4 unique classes to play as and an XP based levelling system. Last but not least you will have a whole array of loot to hunt for and who doesn’t love going on a good old loot grind. You can pick up Alienation from the PS Store now, the launch trailer is embedded below.


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