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Aliens vs. Pinball is Coming to PS4, PS4, PS Vita and It Looks Ridiculous

Back in the days before proper gaming took off, people had to get by with alternative ways of entertaining themselves. Picture books, jig-saw puzzles, pinball. All of them are outdated as hell these days (though we’re partial to a good picture book) so why we keep on seeing pinball games based on popular intellectual properties boggles the mind.

The latest such atrocity is Aliens vs. Pinball: a pinball game that’s based on the popular horror movie Aliens. We’ve had enough, or more specifically, this writer has had enough. No more pinball games, please. We outgrew them with the invention of the PlayStation, damn it! If you’re one of the few weirdos who actually enjoys them, the trailer for the game is down below. But c’mon, it’s getting a bit now, isn’t it?

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