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All Hallows’ Dreams Event Brings Spooky Community Creations to Everyone in Dreams Tomorrow

Dreams is a game that just keeps giving. Starting tomorrow, you will be able to explore community creations in Dreams with a Halloween theme, and even demo players can see this new content for free. The All Hallows’ Dreams event starts with a trip to a haunted house. Each of the rooms was made by a member of the community with the freedom to create whatever “Halloween means to them.” You can quickly move between floors to return to a favorite area by using a creaky elevator. This looks like a cool idea.

That’s not the end of the creativity for this holiday celebration. There will be a virtual pumpkin patch with jack-o’-lantern designs ranging from scary to silly. If you like someone’s design, you can check out the rest of their work by viewing the PSN ID label on the pumpkin.

There will be new imps and a new Halloween Community Jam to inspire the community to deliver their best Halloween creation to share with the Dreamverse. The PlayStation Blog goes into more detail on the event, but you have to log in to Dreams sometime between October 15th and October 31st to experience everything the All Hallow’s Dream event has to offer.

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