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Aloy Gets Chilly With Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Crossover, Exclusive to PS4 (Duh)

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 may still be some way off, but if you really want to take Aloy on a brand new adventure then you’ll want to pay attention to what Capcom is serving up as part of the Monster Hunter World expansion pass.

The publisher has announced, along with Sony, that Horizon Zero Dawn’s heroic Aloy will be getting a new armour set in the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion. She’s already in the game as a playable character, but now she’ll be getting some new threads to fit with the wintry theme of Iceborne. It makes sense, really, as Aloy has already braved the Frozen Wilds as part of Horizon Zero Dawn’s DLC, so she’s already accustomed to slogging around in the snow and will have no problem being a part of the action when the Iceborne expansion releases next month.

There’s a teaser trailer up above, though it doesn’t really show much, but it’s enough to get the hardcore Aloy fans shivering. Just ask our Kyle. He’s practically dead with excitement. Weirdo…

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