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AMD Heavily Hints at PS4K and Other Consoles (Again)

We’ve survived weeks of PS4K rumours without going mad, so what’s one more on the pile? AMD has once again hinted that we can expect three new consoles coming later this year and at some point in 2017. This isn’t the first time that AMD has let slip that it may or may not be working with console makers on new consoles, as we reported not too long ago.

During its quarterly earnings call (basically telling investors how the business is doing) AMD mentioned that it expects to bring in more revenue in the next quarter and beyond thanks to semi-custom wins. What are semi-custom wins?¬†Well, semi-custom refers to the chips used inside game consoles as they’re not the stock-standard that you’d find in a laptop or desktop computer. They’re designed in collaboration with console makers to ensure that everything works as intended – that’s the elementary explanation.

The fact that AMD says they have three semi-custom wins (contract wins) makes us think of, oh, we dunno, three big console players? Sony? Microsoft? Maybe even Nintendo? It’s pretty much an ‘out’ secret at this point, isn’t it?

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