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American Fugitive Escapes to the PS4 Later this Year

It seems to be a law enforcement theme today, but American Fugitive puts you on the other side. You were framed for the murder of your father and sent to prison. As a fair person, that doesn’t sit right, so you decide that no cell can hold you. You will track down the people who did it, and make them pay, while spending more time with some questionable characters along the way.

Branded a criminal, you decide to act like one. You can break into any of the buildings in the game, and you can grab new clothes, items to sell, and clues to the real killer’s identity (my money is on the one-armed man). You will need to be careful. People don’t care for a little B&E, so expect some surprises.

In order to escape the police or just escape in style, you will need some transportation. Carjacking will allow you to cruise the open world in whatever you can find, and the trailer shows helicopters and cop cars will be close behind for an unwary thief.

No bad deed goes unpunished, so you will have to fight the law and make sure they don’t win. Words probably won’t be much good, so you will need to pick up a gun to convince people to stop pursuing you one way or another.

American Fugitive seems to have more to show us later, but, as usual, check out the trailer to see it in action. It will release sometime this year.

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