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Amnesia: Rebirth Will Terrify You Later This Year

Frictional Games announced a new game in their Amnesia series today. Amnesia: Rebirth will feature a new main character, new story and setting, and all of the same scares the previous games were able to deliver. On the PlayStation Blog, they mention how important the series is to the developers, so they are innovating and building on the success of the past, instead of trying to reinvent a completely new genre. Fans of the past games will feel right at home.

The story is set in the Algerian desert. Protagonist Tasi Trianon will be pushed to the limit as she goes through her past pain and avoids something dark that wants to deliver her new pain. The developers are quick to mention that this is not a one-trick, jumpscare pony of a game. They mention that it’s a “harrowing emotional journey” that takes “you beyond horror and out the other side”. Yes, please.

We only have an announcement trailer, some screenshots, and the vague release date of Autumn 2020 for now, but Amnesia: Rebirth is looking good. If you had PS Plus in 2017 and haven’t played the first two games, you probably already have them for free. It will give you some idea of what to expect. If not, it looks like the collection is on sale on the PlayStation Store.

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