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An Onslaught of Onrush Modes

Did you give Onrush a try during the beta? If you loved the sample, there are more modes coming in the final release. For the visual learners, a trailer dropped today showing each one in action. Let’s jump into them.

Switch starts everyone on a motorcycle. When that motorcycle loses to someone else (it will), you switch to the next vehicle and keep driving recklessly. When you reach the end of available vehicles, you switch to destroying everyone else.

Countdown puts your team racing against the clock. Keep extending your time by driving through gates on the course. When your team runs out of time, the other team receives a point.

Lockdown is a zone control mode where the zones keep moving. When they pop up on the track, your team has to stay within them to dominate. If you own the most zones during the race, your team wins.

Finally, Overdrive tasks you with gaining as much boost as you can through takedowns and burning it. The more you burn, the more points you earn. It sounds like a high speed road rage mode.

Check out the trailer to see the modes in action, and be ready to feed your need for destructive speed when Onrush launches on June 5th.

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Press Release from Deep Silver

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