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Analyst Reckons Sony are “Fools” to Skip E3 2019

Sony has been a little quiet as of late. Too quiet for some people’s liking. The platform holder decided that there was to be no PSX 2018, and then announced it would not be showing up at E3 2019.

One person who thinks it’s a bad idea is Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter. The analyst recently spoke with GamingBolt about Sony’s upcoming no-show, and he isn’t impressed by the decision.

“I think they somehow internally determined that the money’s not well spent – and they’re wrong. I don’t know what they spend on E3, but even if it’s $15 million, they get $15 million of publicity out of it. So I think they’re fools to bypass the show. And they’ll be back.”

Last year’s E3 showing was a bit of a disaster for Sony, with many complaining the traditional E3 presser being a bit of a bore. And it was, to be fair, a bit of a snooze fest. That being said, it does leave the possibility of a separate presser at another point in the year. With rumours of the PS5 already starting to float around, it’s possible Sony will hold another PlayStation Meeting to make some big announcements. Watch this space.

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