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Ancient Amuletor PSVR Trophies Should Be an Easy Platinum

It feels like this is, what, the 50th article we’ve written this week about Ancient Amuletor for PSVR. Well somebody has to do it, right?

Today’s Ancient Amuletor news is about the trophies you’ll be working for. The good news is that they’re a doddle. Translated from British slang to everyday English, that means they don’t seem to be too hard. In fact, this guy already has most of them after having played through the game for our upcoming review.

One thing worth noting is that you will need a mate to help you snap up a few of the trophies. Some of the gongs can only be attained in the game’s online co-op mutiplayer, so pester your mates to play with you or just give us a shout and we’ll sort you out.

Below are the game’s trophies. Don’t be afraid of spoilers as there aren’t any. Nice and easy.

God of Amuletor
Get all trophies.

Become an Amuletor
Complete Training

Four Heroes
Play four heroes in one battle.

Rain of Arrows
Defeat 10 enemies with one Scatter Shot.

Any more?
Defeat 200 enemies in total.

My reliable friends!
Activate wooden men for 30 times.

The Best Partner
Become MVP in multiplayer.

They’re not enemies!
Extinguish 22 torches.

Defeat 20 enemies with explosive barrels.

Defeat 10 enemies with one gunner skill.

Hello my friend
Earn first kill in a multiplayer game.

Statue Breaker
In singleplayer, defeat Pharoah Statue in Hard.

No Pass
In singleplayer, destroy Siege Engines in Hard.

Crystal Amuletor I
In singleplayer, finish all the levels of Desert in any difficulty.

Crystal Amuletor II
In singleplayer, finish all the levels of Empire in any difficulty.

Frozen Time
Use mage’s skill to kill 50 enemies in total.

Union is strength
Earn first kill in 10 multiplayer games.

Mummy killer
Defeat 500 Desert mummies in total.

Keep your distance
Defeat 50 Desert bombers with puppet.

No place to hide
Defeat 50 Empire shield soldiers with gunner.

Suppressive Fire
Defeat 300 enemies with gunner.

Hammer Impact
Defeat 100 enemies with hammer impact of puppet.

Puppet Savior
Defeat 8 enemies with one puppet skill.

Defeat 1000 enemies in total.

You’re all doomed
Defeat 100 enemies with droppable item Kill.

Stay inside
Destroy 50 enemy portals created by summoner.

Perfect Amuletor I
In singleplayer, earn 3 Stars in Normal in Level 1-1.

Perfect Amuletor II
In singleplayer, earn 3 Stars in Normal in Level 1-2.

Perfect Amuletor III
In singleplayer, earn 3 Stars in Normal in Level 2-1.

Perfect Amuletor IV
In singleplayer, earn 3 Stars in Normal in Level 2-2.

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