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Another Free Update For Gran Turismo Sport, 13 New Cars and PSVR Improvement

Another free update has today been announced for Gran Turismo Sport. Polyphony Digital is really starting to spoil is! The next jam-packed addition boasts a strong car selection as well as improvements to the PSVR feature.

In total, 13 new rides are packaged within the patch. These are:

  • Honda Raybrig Concept-GT (GT500)
  • Lexus Au Tom’s RC F (GT500)
  • Nissan Motual Autech GT-R (GT500)
  • Aston Martin DB11
  • BMW M3 Sport Evolution
  • Eckerts Rod & Custom Mach Forty
  • Ford GT40 Mark I
  • Gran Turismo Red Bull X2014 Standard
  • Gran Turismo Red Bull X2014 Junior
  • Lexus RC F GT3
  • Mazda RX-7 GT-X (FC)
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec (R33)
  • Nissan GT-R Nismo

Now there’s no point in getting new cars to race if you’re stuck with the same tracks, is it? Fortunately Polyphony agree and are throwing the fan-favourite Tsukuba Circuit into the mix. The demanding track, which features a “unique combination of tight hairpins and wide, sweeping corners”, is making the generation leap on to the PlayStation 4 from Gran Turismo 4. It’s about blooming time, right?

Time trial support is also being added to the PSVR mode, whilst the single player will be complemented with three new GT League events. Finally, the patch will ensure that Gran Turismo Sport supports the Fanatech racing wheel.

The free patch will launch tomorrow – March 29th. Simply remember to update your game to benefit from this sweet package.

Out of the 13 new cars, which one are you most excited to ” drive “? Or is there one you’d gladly ditch to see your favourite runner make an appearance? Comments are as good as petitions, so comment away for change!

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