Another PlayStation Home Clone On the Way; Nebula Realms Arrives Next Week

Another PlayStation Home Clone On the Way; Nebula Realms Arrives Next Week

Many sad things can be said about the day PlayStation Home went offline. But we have to look to the future. Luckily, a title called Atom Universe released in early access form not too long ago. It looked to recapture the social magic of PS Home but was plagued with launch errors and little to do at the moment. Well some competition has arrived and things are sure to get interesting. Nebula Realms will be released on October 25th for North America and it too looks to bring back the golden days of the social platform. The European release date will be sometime in mid/end November.

You won’t need a PlayStation Plus subscription to access it but will receive free and exclusive content if you are. Some of the early, touted features consist of shops (only for clothing at the moment,) advanced avatar customization, wardrobe features, dances, gestures, a sole mini-game, environmental reaction, instance public and person chat, and a few hidden surprises.

The developers expect some server stability issues and the beginning patches will deal with that dilemma. It is an early master version after all and this generation is full of updates. Once the game is stable, then more content and “fun” will be added. You can get an early sneak peek of the game thanks to the video below.

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