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Another PS5 Rumor Gives the Potential PS5 Price, Specs, and Release Window

This is a rumor. It’s probably wrong in every possible way. However, I like rumors, and, if you like them too, join me for some tasty treats, won’t you?

According to a “third party small developer from EU” posting on Pastebin (reliable already, eh?), the PS5 will be announced this year, maybe around E3, and launch in March or November of 2020. The price will be $499, but Sony will be losing $100 on every unit sold. In probably the only bit of believable news, it will be backwards compatible and have physical games and a PS Store.

Brace yourself for the rest of these rumors as we get into some deeper and murkier waters. PS Plus is along for the ride on the PS5, but there will be a new PS Plus Premium. The features listed are “premium early beta access” and the ability to create your own private servers. I almost want to believe this one, because Sony could charge more money for that. They have also already changed PS Plus and could offer some other incentives for the extra premium on Premium.

For specs, the PS5 will have a 7nm Ryzen eight core CPU and an AMD Navi GPU. There will be 24GB of GDDR6 RAM with an additional 4GB of GDDR4 for the OS. There will be a 2TB hard drive, and the system will support 8K upscaling. Chances are good we’ll never see anything in 8K, but it’s nice to see a forward thinking design in the rumors.

For something near to our collective hearts, a PSVR 2 is coming as well. It’s said to be wireless with a 4-5 hour battery, a 2560×1440 resolution, built-in headphones, bigger FOV, and higher FPS to make jelly bellies like myself less likely to become motion sick. As you can see, I’m no tech pro, so I appreciate you bearing with me in these paragraphs.

Finally, would you like to know what you’ll be playing at launch? Gran Turismo 7 for VR, a PUBG remaster, The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima remaster, Battlefield Bad Company 3, Harry Potter, GTA 6 (console exclusive for one month), an Assassin’s Creed game, and Horizon Zero Dawn 2 to follow in 2021 among others. I can believe the remasters. We had that sort of thing on the PS4. HZD 2 would also make sense. For the rest, who knows?

Obviously, this is still firmly rumor and should not be trusted. I expect for real details to be unveiled throughout the next year, but you can read the full, unverified post here. Until we do know, it’ll be fun to see what the internet cooks up to try to fool us all.

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