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Another Sight Lets You View the World From Two Perspectives

A new trailer hit today to showcase the relationship between the two main characters, Kit, and her helpful feline, Hodge in Another Sight. (As a cat lover, I know this is fiction, because her cat is helpful.) They each view the world in different ways. Hodge sees the world in greater detail and can move about more freely. Since Kit is blind, she must rely on Hodge and echo-location to visualize her environments.

This changes how Kit can move. If she cannot “see” it, she cannot jump, run, or interact with an item. The video shows her being able to move a box, because it makes noise as she moves it. Since Hodge can meow to let her know where he is, she can use that sound to know where to leap over a gap on a bridge. Both light and sound, which creates more light, can help Kit move.

Set in Victorian London, Kit and Hodge will move around a steampunk version of the London Underground inspired by Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. The world will change around them as they meet famous artists and inventors like Claude Monet and Thomas Edison.

Promising an emotional journey, Another Sight is looking very interesting. The cutscene animation style shown briefly at the beginning is lovely. We don’t have a release date for this one yet, but it is scheduled for sometime later this year.

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Press Release from Lunar Great Wall Studios

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