Another Tony Hawk’s Remaster Has Been Leaked

After the success of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, it was only really a question of when another game in the series would be re-released for modern platforms.

There’s a new Tony Hawk’s game coming soon, according to Jess Margera, musician and older brother to Bam Margera, as revealed in an interview that actually took place well over a month ago. This information has just been sitting out in the open all this time. How about that, eh?

Jess Margera was asked about how he makes money from his music and the different ways a musician can keep a steady stream coming in. The interviewer suggests video games and ponders whether Margera’s music has featured on at least one of the Tony Hawk games. Margera confirms he has and that he will soon be featured on a new game, saying “yeah, and I believe we’re doing the new one coming out, too.”

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This isn’t the first time a band has slipped up and spilt the beans on a new Tony Hawk’s game. The Death Set leaked the existence of Tony Hawk’s 1+2 Remastered in a Facebook post before the game was officially revealed. Now history is repeating itself. Lovely stuff.

The question is, then, which form will the new Tony Hawk game take? Will it be a remake effort of THPS 3 or THPS 4? Will it be a two-game bundle? Or will Activision’s greed take over and split them into separate releases? Or, perhaps, dare I hope for Tony Hawk’s Underground? Nah.



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