Anthem Crashing Problems on PS4? Sony Might Just Refund Your Digital Purchase (Maybe)

Refunds are a touchy subject when it comes to digital games and licenses. While Steam and Xbox One players can easily request a refund without any questions asked, us PlayStation players have to jump through hoops made of barbed wire and fire to get anything resembling a refund.

That being said apparently some Anthem PS4 players are getting lucky with Sony. Due to the game being a little bit of a shitshow on PS4, some players are being granted refunds after contacting Sony customer service. The problem seems to be that Anthem is causing some consoles to crash during gameplay, and in some cases it’s causing consoles to completely power off. That’s a big no-no and it really shouldn’t have made it through QA and certification.

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Over on the Anthem subreddit some users are claiming to have had an easy time in getting a refund from Sony for their digital version of the game. Others are reporting not-so-great outcomes from their interactions with customer support.

My advice would be that if you’re having problems with the game and you’re worried that it may damage your console, get on the phone to customer service and explain the problem. Be nice, don’t be aggressive, and just explain that the game doesn’t work as intended and that you’d like a refund. The worst they can say is ‘no’ and you end up with a game that will probably be patched and updated in the near future.

Good luck…

Source: Reddit

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