ANTHEM Suffers Price Drop Despite Topping The Charts

ANTHEM has only been on sale for a few days, but it has already suffered a price drop on Amazon UK. And that’s despite it scrambling its way to the top of the charts! It’s available right now for £35, if you fancy a try.

However, there is the suggestion that the figures supporting that claim of number one are rather underwhelming, just like the game itself. As a comparison, Mass Effect Andromeda sold twice as many copies in its opening week. And we all know how well that was received…

BioWare’s latest cooperative adventure launched last week to a series of scathing reviews, and this is most likely the reason for the premature price-drop. The publisher possibly thinks that, in light of the far from rosy opinions doing the rounds, their only hope of recouping the production costs ASAP is to offer gamers an incentive. One that benefits their purses.

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But despite this logic, it’s still a shock to see a new game reach a pre-owned price in 72 hours. Unless you’re still in the market for a copy, that is, whereby it would be a blessing.

There seems to be a growing trend as of late, of mass-marketing games to generate hype, only to fail to meet those expectations on launch. Maybe advertising on a shoestring would be a better ploy – always keeping something in reserve to hit us with on release. Because at the moment we’re seeing a lot more that we like in trailers than in the actual game.

Has BioWare got you singing their praises? Or has their ANTHEM hit a bum note? Put your hand on your heart and belt out a comment below. 

Source:  Push Square

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