Anthem VIP Demo is Ready for Pre-Load

The Anthem VIP demo is happening this weekend, and you can pre-load the game files now. Lasting from January 25 – 27, anyone who pre-orders the game can be one of the first to play. Since it’s an always-online, multiplayer game, you will also receive three codes to invite three friends to join you. If you didn’t pre-order, a second demo is coming a week later. From February 1 – 3, you can play the same demo.

Javelins are the sweet Ironman-like ride you have in every mission. You will receive the Ranger javelin to start, and you will be able to unlock an additional one in the demo. They have their strengths and weaknesses, so I’m hoping to try out each.

In a nutshell, Anthem is EA’s attempt to find their Destiny. The world was created by gods who used a magic power called Anthem. The same gods left town like a deadbeat dad, while also leaving everyone to figure out life. Like the sloppy deities they were, they didn’t clean up their toys, so everyone wants the remaining tools of creation. Turns out, the power doesn’t always do good things.

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The javelin exosuits were created to give us a fighting chance, and they let us fly and shoot and be heroic without being immediately squashed to death. Freelancers are javelin pilots, and they fight the monsters, general bad things, and keep the Anthem out of the hands of nasty ne’re-do-wells.

You and a team of three friends can jump into the javelins for some butt kicking while you explore the world. This demo is a great opportunity for EA to really sell the game to people who might be a little cautious. For what it’s worth, I hope the demo is great and the game is spectacular, but I won’t find out until Feb 1 at the earliest.

If you do dig the beats in Anthem, you can pick up the full game on February 22nd.

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