ANTHEM Will Be Making an Appearance at The Game Awards Show

A few days ago we informed you that this year’s Game Awards Show will host not only the dishing out of silverware but also the announcement of ten new games and updates on those we already know about. At the time, we didn’t have any concrete attendees to tell you about. But now we know that BioWare’s ANTHEM will be dropping in with a brand spanking new trailer.

Over on the official Twitter account of the inbound online multiplayer adventure, the team teased twenty seconds of said video along with the date of December 6th and ‘hashtag the game awards’.

Now, we’re no Cole Phelps but two plus two seems to equal four here. And, thus, we have one of the update games that’ll be attending. But that still leaves us absolutely clueless on the ten new projects we’re going to be let in on.

Peep this:  World Of Tanks Update 1.13 Brings New Features And Changes

Could we finally get a glimpse of Horizon Zero Dawn-again? Is Superman ready to show Spidey how it’s done? Take a gander into your crystal ball and share your premonitions below.

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