Antigraviator Feeds Your Futuristic Need for Speed

Racing sounds pretty good in 2210. The world is spinning along with technological achievements. We are terraforming new worlds, and we are holding races in vehicles that would make Anakin Skywalker’s podracers look slow. That’s because Antigraviator has no speed limit. You can blast through a track faster than Kanye West can congratulate himself for being a genius.

Looking solidly like a tribute to the Wipeout series, you can customize your sleek ride with different parts. Improving one area may cause you to dip in another, so you will have to make choices based on your style.

There is no word on the number of racing tracks, but there will be 12 songs. It’s the future, so we will be jamming to hard-thumping electronica as the g-forces start to pull our lips back in a smile as we continue to accelerate around another curve.

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Antigraviator will let you race in a single player, online multiplayer, or local multiplayer where people can truly appreciate the finer nuances of your cursing.

Coming in 2018, this is only an announcement with no firm release date. Check out the trailer and see if you need to put Antigraviator on your list of racers for 2018.

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