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Apex Construct Coming to Retail July 31st

After being released digitally in February, the PSVR title Apex Construct (review) will receive a physical release at the end of the month. Designed exclusively for the PSVR, Apex Construct combines action adventure with combat and puzzle solving in first person.

Apex Construct is not about a group of humans restoring life. As the last living human, you face AI aggressors as you try to discover why everyone else is dead. Combat is handled with a bow and arrow, and you will face deadly synthetic creatures.

Director of publishing at Perp Games, Mickey Torode, framed the narrative in Apex Construct as a commentary on the future of AI, while explaining why the protagonist uses a bow in a futuristic time.

“Questioning the potentially dangerous impact of sentient technology is a topic that we can address in our media in a lot of interesting ways. Apex Construct takes a unique approach. The bow and arrow combat really enhance the feeling of a return to the rudimentary human existence, echoing back to early hunting techniques that adds a rawness and urgency to the fights.”

Apex Construct will allow players to use a bow and shield to attack and defend themselves against their AI driven opponents. With customizable weapons and your home base, the replayable missions will allow you to collect more resources and discover secrets.

Apex Construct will be available at retailers on July 31st.

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