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Apex Construct on PSVR Gets New Update to Add Competitive Play

Fast Travel Games has released a brand new update for its PSVR adventure/shooter, Apex Construct. The new update adds a competitive game mode, though it’s not truly multiplayer.

The Cygnia Cup Challenge is a leaderboard challenge where you’re dumped into different arena’s and battle it out to put yourself up as high as possible on the leaderboards. It’s a nice little addition – free, no less – that should add a little more longevity to the game. Of course, most of us would have liked to see some kind of PvP game mode, but this is better than nothing. Besides, there’s already a damn good PvP shooter and it’s called Firewall Zero Hour. Play it.

  • Fight in 6 locations in the arena, each with escalating difficulty levels.
  • Take out shooting targets and enemies quickly to keep the combo meter up!
  • Avoid getting shot by Mothr’s attacking bots. If you die, the challenge is over.
  • Use your wits (and your different arrow types…) to reach the highest score.
  • Earn your place on the global leaderboards.
    • Participating in the Score Challenge also earns you RP which you can spend on upgrades or consumables in the campaign.

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