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Apex Construct PSVR Trophies Revealed, No Platinum Gong

Apex Construct is just a few days away from release and we’ve got the details on the PSVR game’s trophies. Our man Kyle is currently working his way through the robot-infested world for our review, so in the meantime we’ll keep the spoilers under wraps and just leave you with the trophy information.

The good news is that it seems like it’ll be pretty easy to get every trophy. The bad news, for trophy hunters anyway, is that there’s no Platinum trophy. It’s strange, actually, as it’s being billed as full game by the developer and it’s costing over 20€/£/$.

Apex Construct will release on PS4 this February 20th. Below are the trophies which don’t really spoil anything:

Disturbing the peace
Alert the crabs in Hello World

Home, sweet home
Get to the safe house

Crash Fathr’s Head to the ground

Problem child
Pay Mothr a return visit

Full charge
Power up the cloaking device

Björnen sover
Defeat the Bear Behemoth in the caves

Gain access to the locked room in the safe house

No doors, no masters
Gain the highest security access level

This is the end
Defeat the Bear Behemoth in the CARF Teleportation lab

It’s electric!
Electrify water & damage an enemy

Hurt/kill an enemy with a Radiance Mine

Spend RP at a Vending Machine

Unhealthy hoarder
Find all collectibles

Bedtime stories
Find all lore texts

Sherlock Holmes
Find all secrets, lore texts & collectibles

Is the lack of a Platinum gong a deal-breaker for you, or will you be diving into this adventure next week anyway? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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