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Apex Construct for PSVR Will Have PS4 Pro Support, Plus New Details

There’s a new game on the horizon for PSVR players that is looking pretty promising, and that game is Apex Construct. The game takes place in the far future where robots are in charge as a result of mankind’s idiotic experiments. Basically, Elon Musk got too big for his boots and this is what happened.

You’ll be running around solving puzzles and fighting off these evil robots. It’s looking pretty good, too, and you can see for yourself in the trailer we’ve embedded up above. Finished watching? Good, then peep these details.

There’s good news for PS4 Pro users as the studio, Fast Travel Games has confirmed that there will be PS4 Pro support. That means you’ll be getting higher resolutions, higher details on visual and audio effects, as well as added ambient life throughout the game. Basically, if you’re playing on the Pro, you get a little more of everything.

Fast Travel Games has also spoken about the game’s length. A common critique when it comes to VR games is the length and perceived value for money. The good news is that Apex Construct should take you around five hours to complete. While this may not sound that long, it’ll probably feel longer if, like us, you play for short periods. However, if you really want to find every secret in the game, explore every nook and cranny, and sweep up all of those precious trophies, it should take you a lot longer.

In fact, exploration is encouraged. The more you explore the world of Apex Construct, the more you’ll be rewarded with lore. You’ll learn how the world came to be such a nasty little place. Once you’ve completed the game, you’re free to go back to any level in any order to have a nosey around and discover what you previously missed.

Apex Construct launches on February 20th for PS4/PSVR. There’s a 20% discount for UK and European players if you’re a PS Plus member. If you were hoping to try the game before buying it, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that there’s no demo available. The good news is that the studio has stated that it’s looking into getting a demo out sometime after the game releases.

We’ll most likely have our Apex Construct PSVR review around launch day, so be sure to check back in with Pure PlayStation soon.

Will you be taking on the evil robots in Apex Construct? Excited to see if the bow and arrow gameplay really is better than Skyrim’s? Construct a comment down below.

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