Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event Revealed

Apex Legends

Would we really be learning about the legacy of Apex Legends if we didn’t go back to the very beginning? Well, that’s exactly where you’re going for the Genesis Event.

Legends shall be returning to the original Kings Canyon map as well as Season 3’s World’s Edge for a limited time in both trios and duos. These maps will be on the usual one-hour rotation for the Genesis Collection Event.

Fans of the franchise will be taken aback as you bag loot on the moving train running through Capital City way before the Harvester landed in World’s Edge or even get involved in multi-team battles at the Fuel Depot.

King Canyons infamous Skull Town will also be arriving to Arena. This map has plenty of possible tactics which can be explored during the Genesis Event such as circling the towers as the new Legend Valkyrie or taking my hilarious tactic of trapping the lower floors as Watson.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an event if there weren’t any rewards. During the Genesis Event, you can earn up to 1,600 points per day through the daily refreshing challenges. Get ready to earn charms for your guns as well as two legendary weapon skins for the Charge Rifle and EVA-8.

Genesis Event Rewards

There is also the 24 themed limited-time cosmetics you can buy for your Apex Legend using Apex coins or crafting metals. However, I will never be able to afford them as usual. They can also be unlocked in the Genesis Event Apex Packs for the entire event, though it’s very rare.

If you do manage to get all 24 event items then you’ll unlock the murder-robot Revenants Heirloom set, which is a very cool looking scythe that I will die for to own. You can also craft this after the event using heirloom crafting.

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There will also be updates coming to balance both Apex Legends like Octane, Revenant, Lifeline, Bloodhound, and Wattson, as well as weapons like the Spitfire, 30-30 repeater and the Longbow to level the playing field.

The Genesis Event will be gracing Apex Legends from June 29th till July 13th so be prepared to get battling. I’ve already put it on my calendar.

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