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Apex Legends Shows Fortnite a Thing or Two

Apex Legends looks set to live up to its name as its fanbase continues to gather pace. Despite only being in its infancy – a February release – the game can already boast 50 million players. But then again, was it ever in doubt?

After all, this is the game that gained one million players in mere hours on launch day. Now, that’s no mean feat!

The milestone is one that Respawn Entertainment couldn’t help but share online – like proud parents, they Tweeted their delight and even hinted at a ‘something coming “next” ‘. Although, we would be merely speculating at this point, could this be a hint of expansions for the free-to-play battle royal title? That would be value for money.

The news was accompanied by numerous comparisons to Fortnite, which has thus far held its own within the genre. But when compared to the veteran, Apex Legends is shown to have grown at a far greater rate. However, it must be said that, initially, Fortnite was a pay-to-play title who only saw an increase in popularity once its free mode was unveiled; ever since, it has continued to grow in numbers.

But despite that, there’s no denying that Apex Legends has had a fairytale launch. One which we can’t see being rivaled any time soon.

Are you a fan of Respawn’s free offering? Or are you too busy flossing to care?  

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