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Apex Legends System Override Collection Event Is Now Live on PS4 With 1.31 Patch Notes

The new limited-time event is now live on PS4 for Apex Legends called System Override.

The new update will be a whopping 18.472 GBs for your PlayStation 4. Starting from March the 3rd spanning for 2 weeks; until the 17th, the new event will contain a variety of interesting new features that will come into play.

So, picture this – your weapon of choice is a Peacekeeper but throughout the game, you’ve been hitting dead ends and have only found P2020, or worse a Mozambique. Perhaps, your health is low and you can’t find a syringe, then suddenly an enemy squad ambushes your team and it’s too late. Well, System Override event is going to put everything on its head and put you’re searching endeavours to rest. However, the changes will add a lot of tactician and planning into your every move.

Deja Loot is going to take away the random element of finding loot. Every piece of loot is going to be static in each and every game. Learn the map and where each piece of equipment is placed; and equipment such as a Peacekeeper’s will be in your reach in no time. Well, besides the fact everyone else that wants those pieces of equipment will also know that it’s in that very spot as well! Everything will stay the same besides the plane path and the circle locations. Essentially the more you play; the more you’ll learn the locations and have the upper hand against other players. This will add a huge element of strategy, varying from do you try and reach the better equipment and face potential foes heading for loot, or pick middle card equipment in the hopes that no one pursues them. The first week will be stationed at Worlds Edge, with the second week returning back to Kings Canyons.

Another element that’s going to add some strategy to your gameplay will be the Evo Shield. Even though the Evo Shield begins weaker than the Common Body Shield (white shield) it has the potential of becoming stronger than the Epic Body Shield’s (purple shield). Every time you successfully land a hit to a non-down players the shield will slowly become progressively stronger. But this carries on regardless of the carrier of the shield. So you could drop the armour for your team member and it would still contain the same stats, or if your foes down you, they’ll gain from your hard work. At this time, Evo Shield is only scheduled for Deja event. However, Respawn is considering introducing them to the main game permanently dependant on feedback.

There will be a exclusive event prize track with two legendary weapon skins alongside System Override event as well. In addition, there will be a lot of Meta changes with certain characters (Bloodhound, Gibraltar and Crypto), equipment (Peacekeeper and Sentinel) and especially regarding inventory. These include the base inventory slots being increased from 8 to 10 but in contrast syringe and shields, stacks will be decreasing from 6 to 4.

We’ll be listing the full patch notes for Apex Legends System Override below as it has a variety of massive changes, so you can see every nook and cranny for yourself! Do you think the new changes will add a more immersive strategy to Apex Legends?

System Override Collection Event Patch Notes:

The System Override Event runs March 3rd to the 17th.

  • Limited Time Mode – Deja Loot
    • Deja Loot is a unique take on the Apex games where “random” is a dirty word. A glitch in the system has caused all loot to spawn in the same location every match for the duration of the event. Even the plane path and circle locations will be fixed for this mode, which will change on a daily basis while the loot location stays the same for the whole event.
      • Features new equipment type: Evo Shield [see below for details]
      • The first week will be played on World’s Edge and the second week we’ll go back to Kings Canyon
    • New equipment type: Evo Shield
      • When you pick up Evo Shield it will start out weaker than a Common Body Shield (White), but as you do damage to non-downed players throughout the match it can become even stronger than Epic Body Shields (Purple). Evo Shields change color as they progress, but their perpetual distinctive glow will help you identify them. Progress also carries over from person to person, so look forward to some interesting late game scenarios.
        • To start the Evo Shield will be exclusive to the Deja Loot gamemode and spawn at higher rates; after the event we’ll consider adding the Evo Shield to all matches, so please give us your feedback.
      • Exclusive Event Prize Track with two Legendary Weapon skins
      • 24 Event Limited premium cosmetic available directly or through System Override Event Packs
      • Octane Heirloom Set Preview
        • Unlock all 24 System Override cosmetics during the event and unlock the Octane Heirloom set for free
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Designer note: The intent is for Bloodhound to use their tactical as they are approaching towns pre-combat versus reacting while in a fight.

  • Increased the scan distance for Eye of the Allfather by 3x.
    • Increased time to activate: .4s -> .8s
    • Increased duration of scan: 2s -> 3s


  • Gun Shield health reduced: 75 -> 50.


  • Primary weapons will now automatically reload while in drone view.


  • Base inventory slots increased 8 -> 10.
    • Common Backpack: expands inventory to 12 slots.
    • Rare Backpack: expands inventory to 14 slots.
    • Epic Backpack: expands inventory to 16 slots.
  • Grenade stacks reduced to 2 -> 1.
  • Light / Heavy / Energy ammo stacks reduced from 80 -> 60.
  • Syringe and Shield Cell stacks reduced from 6 -> 4.
  • Med Kit and Shield Battery stacks reduced from 3 -> 2.


  • Mag size reduced from 6 -> 5.
  • Increased reload time from 2.5s -> 2.65s.
  • Increased reload time with empty mag from 3.5s -> 3.6s.
  • Slightly increased the scale of the blast pattern from 1.6 -> 1.7.


  • Base damage increased from 65 -> 70
  • Reduced time it takes to rechamber from 1.85s -> 1.75s.



  • Muzzle flash adjustments:
    • Reduced the intensity of muzzle flash while aiming down the sight for all weapons except shotties and snipers
  • Red dot has been added to the iron sights for Prowler and L-STAR; iron sights dot will stay properly centered during weapon sway and bob movements.
  • Heirloom crafting
    • We’re changing up the Heirloom system to make it easier for you to acquire the heirloom you want. Instead of an entire Heirloom set dropping at once, you’ll now receive Heirloom shards. You can then use those shards to pick the exact Heirloom set you’d like. The shards will have the same drop rate as the previous system, so that after 500 Apex Packs, you will have enough Heirloom Shards to obtain an Heirloom set from the Heirloom shop. And don’t worry, your existing progress towards the 500 Apex Packs will carry over with the switch. Remember that once a player owns all of the Heirloom sets, the player will not be eligible to receive more shards until more Heirloom Sets are added to the game.



  • Fixed bug for cases where Bangalore would appear invisible when equipped with certain skins. The Apex Overdrive and Killer B skins have been re-enabled now for affected players.
  • For cases where sometimes Revenant’s Ultimate Totem could be destroyed or disabled when placed too close to some geometry, it will now be refunded back to the player at full charge when this happens.
  • Fixed a bug for where sometimes players would enter a match with a different character than they selected, and all loadouts being set back to default after the match.
  • Cleaned up some areas around World’s Edge with bad collision or provided ways for players to exploit them.
  • Fixed an exploit near Geyser where players could climb to a spot that provided an unfair advantage.
  • Fix for cases where players were able to punch and shoot enemies clipping through doors and other areas with thin geo.
  • Fixed bug for cases where full-auto mode would be disabled when players equipped the Anvil Receiver hop-up while in single-fire mode for R-301 or Flatline.
  • Fix for cases where there could be a delay with firing the Havoc after cancelling a reload.
  • Fixed a bug where players could place Gibraltar’s Dome Shield on Crypto’s Drone allowing the Dome to be mobile while in use.
  • Fixed bug for cases where players were able to reroll Daily Challenges without being charged the Legends Tokens for reroll.
  • Fixed a bug for cases where unlocking new badges would not trigger the red dot notification to make players aware a new badge is available.
  • Fixed a bug where if players were respawned while spectating someone under Revenant’s death protection, they would return in that state permanently and unable to use heal items.
  • Fixed players getting assist credit by using abilities that place status effects (e.g. Crypto Drone, Revenant tactical etc) on enemies after they are knocked down.
  • Fixes for cases where the Store would show placeholder images when content would be slow to load.
  • Fix for cases where audio from Wattson’s skydive emote would continue to play after she lands.
  • Stability fixes to reduce crashing and script errors.
  • Various stability and polish bug fixes for Firing Range.

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