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April PS Plus Game Dead Star Has a Platinum Trophy, Hooray!

There have been more than a few sour remarks about the last few PS Plus updates and some of them have been directed not only at the indie games themselves, but also their lack of platinum trophies. Grow Home was a particularly bitter pill to swallow for some as the PlayStation community voted for the game to be a part of the Instant Game Collection, but then discovered just before its release that it ships without a platinum gong.

April’s PS Plus looks to be a turn of the tide with some decent games being offered, one of which is Dead Star. It’s a deceptive game in that it looks a bit simple and that you’d probably expect it to release with the minimum 12 trophies but in fact it doesn’t. No, Dead Star actually ships with a full set of trophies and a platinum, too. Trophy hunters will be happy with that news.

There’s a total of 48 trophies to aim for, one of which being the coveted platinum, so if you’re interested in getting a sneak peak at the trophy list before release, you can do so here.

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