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Arcade Racer Gravel Will Get a Demo Near Release

Upcoming arcade racer Gravel will supposedly be getting a demo around the time of the game’s release, as stated by the game’s publisher during a livestream.

Milestone recently held a livestream to show off some of the game’s modes in action, and towards the end of the stream it confirmed that there would be a demo for Gravel “more or less in time with the game’s release”.

According to Milestone, the demo will feature two tracks from one of the game’s locations, as well as a small selection of cars to put through their paces.

However, while there is confirmation of a demo, there’s no confirmation as to whether it will release on PS4. The full game is due to release on PS4 this February 27th, but we’re not sure if there will be a demo on PS4, or if it will only be on PC. We’d guess that the demo would be available on all platforms, but you never know these days… Also, we’d expect the demo to go live after the game’s release.

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