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Arcade Racer GRIP Wants to Turn the Track Upside Down

Arcade racers are starting to enjoy a revival as an all new game has been announced today. GRIP is described as a futuristic combat racer that wants to get you driving on the ceiling. Oh yeah!

Captaining open wheeled cars, you’ll navigate death and gravity defying tracks in an attempt to be named The Gripinator! We may have made that last bit up, but nothing’s stopping you printing off a certificate or commissioning a trophy. 

The walls and ceilings that are so commonly used to restrain us in everyday life are incorporated within GRIPs track selection and provide an innovative experience compared to the usual offering. In addition, a number of weapons are thrown into the fray – we’re talking rockets and machine guns. So you’ll be hooting and shooting your way to the chequered flag.

Chris Mallinson, Game Director of studio Caged Element, said, “GRIP began as a passion project paying tribute to the great Rollcage games and racers of a past era, but it’s now truly transformed into a fully-fledged, futuristic combat racer fit for this generation.

“We’re extremely proud of the game and can’t wait to unleash it later this year on all platforms. Combat racing is back, baby.”

The game is due out on consoles this year, but no firm date has been announced yet. As soon as we hear, we’ll let you know.

Has GRIP got you gripped? Take off your driving gloves and talk to us below. 

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