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Arcade Racer SkyDrift Infinity Blasts onto PS4 Today

SkyDrift Infinity is a rare kind of racer.

SkyDrift Infinity gives players the chance to live out every flyboys dream by placing them in fast-paced and action-filled combat races against friend and foe alike in deathmatches and armed races.

If that doesn’t sound like your thing there’s also the option to play solo and simply go for a relaxing flight against a backdrop of highly detailed terrains and environments like the grand canyon and Hawaiin islands. Not exactly Flight Simulator but a good alternative for those seeking a more chilled-out experience.

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Skydrfift Infinity will have three unique game modes including survival mode which pits you against friends, power race mode, and speed race mode that requires you to fly through ring targets to maintain speed. There are also eight modern aircraft to choose from each with four unique skins and equipped with weapons to blow your friends out of the sky. The game primarily serves as a party racer with split-screen mode for up to four players. Online races are also available with a maximum of eight players.

Machine guns and rockets aren’t the only things at your disposal as each aircraft has six power-ups to choose from with each of them being fully upgradable, or converted into boost energy to give you an edge in combat. SkyDrift Infinity is available for download now on the PlayStation Store. One piece of advice, if you can’t beat them, shoot them!

Chris recently reviewed SkyDrift Infinity for PS5 and PS4, and he was impressed enough to award the game an 8/10 – ‘Fantastic’ rating.

SkyDrift Infinity Release Trailer

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