Arcade Surfing Title Surf World Series Announced for PS4

Climax Studios took to the internet today to unveil their project, Surf World Series. You’ll be able to experience the sport in arcade form by riding waves at five locations including Hawaii and Portugal. Performing tricks like kickflips and cutbacks while landing aerial jumps and navigating tubes will be essential to surviving the treacherous water. There will be forty five single player challenges to complete and three different multiplayer modes that you can compete in against fifteen other players. No specific release date has been announced but it will be available for the PlayStation 4 sometime in 2017.

Surfing is an amazing sport that’s been pretty underrepresented in games for some time, so we wanted to bring surfing fans a fun, arcade-style experience that’s all about mastering waves and racking up huge high scores,” said Simon Gardner, CEO of Climax Studios. “Surf World Series is a celebration of those moments when board and wave work together in perfect harmony.”

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Climax Studios is a UK-based developer best known for the three Assassin’s Creed Chronicles titles. Time will tell if they can do the sport justice with Surf World Series. What do you think about an arcade surfing game coming to consoles? Do you surf in real life? Let us know! You can check out the game’s announcement trailer above.

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