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Are People Still Playing Battlefield 4 Or Should You Steer Clear Of It?

Has that pretty awesome Battlefield 1 trailer got you craving some of those trademark Battlefield moments? Is there a need to topple buildings and snipe the pilots out of their jets streaming through your veins? However, perhaps you’re not sure if downloading the game again is worth the time because the servers could be empty. Perhaps you’ve never played Battlefield 4 because its horrendous launch issues were enough to make you skedaddle the hell away from it. Well, this article will be attempting to inform you if Battlefield 4 has exceeded its best before or if there’s no time like the present to jump into this massive shooter. The other question I will attempt to answer is: even if there are people still playing is Battlefield 4 still worth the long-term investment?

I hadn’t played Battlefield 4 in well over a year and back then I only played it on my PS3. When I saw it on offer for just €9.99 in the most recent PS Store sale my cravings became too much and I just had to jump back in on my PS4. Like a lot of you, my biggest worry upon spending the money (even if it wasn’t very much) was would anyone actually still be playing this 2013 title in 2016, or has the fan base migrated elsewhere? Well I can assure you that every Conquest match I’ve taken part in has been a full 64 player battle. Granted, I haven’t actually managed to fit in many matches yet, but I have played a few in the middle of the week and a few on Saturday evening and so far slow matchmaking or half empty servers have not been an issue.

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It’s pretty clear, then, that people are still playing Battlefield 4 on the PlayStation 4 in 2016 and in pretty big numbers by the looks of things. However, is this likely to last or would Battlefield 4 be a poor investment to make if you haven’t already purchased it? Well I would argue – for three main reasons – that Battlefield 4 is indeed worth the investment. The first reason is that it’s cheap. If you’re living in Europe then you can grab it for €9.99 in the sale I mentioned earlier but even if you’re not in Europe or missed the sale the game is pretty cheap meaning there’s a low barrier of entry. Aside from base game’s full suite of online modes, loadouts and maps, you’re also getting a full single player campaign. Now, if I’m honest, the campaign isn’t very good but it is still worth a quick playthrough and on the plus side any dog tags you collect in it carry over for use in the multiplayer.

The second reason I think Battlefield 4 will be worth the investment long-term is hype. Did I mention that pretty awesome Battlefield 1 trailer yet? Well it’s pretty awesome go check it out. The best part of that trailer, besides the fact that it gives us a glance into a future Battlefield, is the knock-on effect it will have on the old games. A lot of players, including myself, will see that trailer as well as the hype around it and all of a sudden they’ll be craving a little Battlefield action. They’ll remember their old copy of Battlefield 4, dust it off and start playing again giving the game’s servers a nice little boost in numbers. Of course not everyone will jump back into Battlefield 4 but there is a good chance that the Battlefield 1 hype will send quite a few players back that way.

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The last reason I can think of is free stuff. Yup, it’s a plain and simple fact that people like to get something for nothing and that’s exactly what DICE is giving them. Over the next few months DICE and EA are giving every single Battlefield 4 map pack away for free. In fact the first one, which is Dragon’s Teeth, is free right now. This means that many people who have Battlefield 4 but never purchased the DLC will probably jump back into the game over the next few months to check out all of the new maps, guns and modes that they never got to try before. The fact that all of the DLC will be free over the next few months should also make the game more appealing to first time buyers as it means they’ll be getting way more bang for their buck.

In summary: if you start up a game of Battlefield 4 are you more likely to hear the wind brushing quietly past your ears or will that wind be carrying the sound of gunfire with it? From my experience over the last week Battlefield 4’s servers on PS4 are still bustling with life and the sound of gunfire will certainly be filling your ears – along with explosions, tank engines and team mates. In the second part of the article I questioned whether the game would be worth the long-term investment or are the servers likely to empty out very soon? I concluded that I think the game will be worth the long-term investment and that I think the servers are likely to stay full for a very long time. I think this because of the game’s low price point, the hype for Battlefield 1 and the fact that all of its DLC will be given away for free.

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