Arizona Sunshine for PSVR Getting an Update Soon to Improve PSVR Aim and Moves Accuracy

Arizona Sunshine has been out for a couple of weeks now and players have been having their way with the game. A common complaint that has come up across the internet is the PSVR Aim and PS Move wands and their aiming accuracy, specifically, aiming down the sights. It was something we brought up in our positive review of the game, too.

Thankfully, there’s an update on the way. Vertigo Games has confirmed via email that the next update will be coming soon and that it’ll bring improvements across the board. Here’s what Vertigo Games had to say:

Some of these improvements include aiming down sights on PS Move and PS VR Aim, we’ve added a chaperone system to help prevent loss of tracking, and we’ve also improved running with PS Moves and remapped the 180′ turn!

The publisher hasn’t given a specific release date for the patch yet, though we’ve been assured it’ll come in “a few days.”

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