Arizona Sunshine Patch 1.01 Is Now Live

No, it doesn’t address the shaky tracking for the Aim Controller, unfortunately, but the good folks at Vertigo Games allegedly have a second patch submitted to Sony awaiting approval. Here is a quick rundown of what this first patch offers:

version 1.01 patch notes:

  • A patch required message is now displayed when multiplayer content is started while on an old version of the game.
  • The (TM) character is now readable
  • Localization update for German conform naming conventions
  • The frame drop that occurred when picking up masks has been resolved
  • When accepting an invite of the same session a player is in, the invitation is ignored
  • Network errors are now always displayed when a room is closed or left
  • Zombie targets are now properly updated when a player has left the game
  • When two players press matchmaking at (approximately) the same time, they now join the same room.
  • Changed button text from “Host” to “Play with friends” for all languages
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It is the mostly useless opinion from this Pure PlayStation writer that the game in its current state is remarkably fun and a worthy purchase if you like zombies, shooters or both. Although, improved tracking would make it a must own and rank it among the best VR games available.

Have you wandered through Arizona desert yet, or are you waiting for that rumored update? Let us know in the comments below.

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