Ark: Survival Evolved Bringing Dinosaur Taming To PS4

The multiplayer, survival sandbox game, Ark: Survival Evolved, will be coming to the PS4 on December 6th, and it will include the Scorched Earth expansion. The original game has the player waking up on an island naked and hungry. In this prehistoric Bear Grylls simulator, you will start with the most basic needs of food and clothing. If you continue to survive, you can research new technologies, and you can even tame dinosaurs and ride them on land or fly through the air in five different environments. If riding dinosaurs is not a fantasy of yours, we feel bad for you.

The game does not make you fight alone. You can start a tribe with other players online, and it allows you to share XP, resources, and respawn points. You can also build a village and fight other neighboring tribes as you continue to expand. Bored of the current Ark, travel to others online.

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The Scorched Earth expansion contains multiple flavors of the new desert biome. All of them have their own resources to collect, and they force the player to come up with new survival strategies. You will also have new creatures to fight and tame

Even though it is releasing on PS4 on December 6th, it is still an early access-ish version of the game. The final version will be released in Spring 2017, but they will provide any patches and updates with new creatures and items through the release date. The good news is that there seems to be plenty of content to keep you busy for now.

Just so you know, the T-Rex would probably be our preferred mode of transportation, but flying on the Pteranodon is probably a close second. In case the developers are looking for ideas, what dinosaur would you most like to ride?



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