Ark: Survival Evolved Update 1.10 Released, Massive Memory Improvements

Ark: Survival Evolved Update 1.10 Released, Massive Memory Improvements

Studio Wildcard has released the latest update for the PSN- favourite Ark: Survival Evolved, with the promise of massive improvements to its memory management alongside the usual bug fixes. Official patch notes are yet to be published, but the studio have taken to Twitter to update fans on the, er, update.

This patch may come as a surprise to fans as another update is due around February 14th (because nothing says “be my valentine” more than going on a dinosaur hunt). And although there is no mention, Wildcard has promised third person perspective to be coming to consoles sometime this week.

Their Valentine day special will include :

  • A new hairstyle for each gender
  • A new emote
  • 5% chance to drop a Box of Chocolate when they mate
  • Mate Boosted range increased by 2x
  • Mating Speed and Mating Recovery increased by 3x
  • Creature Maturing and Egg Incubation speed has been increased by 3x
  • Baby Food Consumption has been decreased by 1/3

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