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Arkham Collection Bundles Batman Into A Single Package

Even though we’ve already got Batman: Arkham Knight and Batman: Return to Arkham, Rocksteady have decided to put the two releases together as Batman Arkham Collection. We don’t really know why, as separately they’re quite cheap at the moment, but it’s now available to pre-order on Amazon UK. So who are we to grumble?

Just in case you’ve been away from Gotham for a while, the Return to Arkham release was a remaster of Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Asylum. It included all of their respective DLC, as did Arkham Knight  – Game of the Year Edition. And as will this latest collection, which is being retailed currently at £39.99 with a launch date of September 6th. Therefore, if you can pick them up separately – for less – you’re probably better off doing that. Unless you’ve got a thing for one case fits all steelbox? 

Surprisingly, this leak comes before any official reveal. But we’re getting used to that these days, aren’t we? Plus, what is there to reveal that we haven’t seen before? Unless this is a precursor to a new title…

Unfortunately, one game in the line up has always missed the remaster/re release opportunity. That being Batman: Arkham Origins. However, it is something that has been categorically ruled out many times before. And something we expect to remain that way.

Are you ready to leave the Batcave and take on Gotham’s underworld once again? Or is the Batbelt feeling a little tight around your middle? Throw a Batarang into the comments box below. 

Source: Amazon UK

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