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ARPG Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity – Out Now On North American PSN, European Release Date Coming Soon

The ‘Touhou Project‘  is a collection of  games, anime, and artwork that is the love-child of  Team Shanghai Alice (which is actually one bloke called Zun). The series is best known for its ‘bullet hell’ shooters, but has also spawned fighting games and more. Now, the series has been re-imagined in 3D ARPG form with Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity. The game is available on the North American PSN as of today, and coming to Europe soon. Check out the launch trailer above, then dance through the bullets with us to get to the low-down on the game below.


Started as a fan project, Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity is a new take on the Touhou universe. It’s a joint effort between Team Shanghai Alice and Ankake Spa, and being brought to us by XSEED games (publishers of Ys, among others). The game takes the form of a 3D ARPG, while retaining some of the frantic projectile madness of it’s inspiration. It tells the story of a 500 year old vampire (who, shockingly for XSEED Games, looks like a young girl) and her Maid. Turns out this li’l vampire lady is bored of the whole immortality gig and is off looking for adventure, and that’s where we come in. Kill monsters, dodge projectiles, kill more monsters, collect stuff, what more do you need?

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Well, you might get more; XSEED are known for their ‘Doujin’ games (google it, but not if you’re at work) and the characters on show certainly set the stage for some slightly pervy Japanese weirdness. If you can put up with that though, the game boasts a levelling and skill system, magic, collectible equipment and all the stuff you would expect from an RPG as well as some super-cute graphics. Players can control both the titular vampire, Scarlet, and her Maid Sakuya with varied play styles and separate levelling and skills. The game also features platforming elements and boss battles inspired by it’s Touhou routes. That sounds like a lot of content for its $19.99 price tag.

We’ll bring you more on Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity as it becomes available, including the European release date. The game is currently a PS4 exclusive and is available on PSN North America from 20/09/16 (or 09/20/16 we suppose) currently priced $19.99. Post your own, Pure PlayStation-based, Doujin in the comments below! Actually, no, please don’t do that.  

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