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As Dino Crisis Turns Twenty, The Internet Remembers

It is twenty years since Dino Crisis launched in Japan. As a result, the internet is rife with prehistoric memories and sequel wishes as everyone enjoys a trip down memory lane. But will this public display of affection result in an actual game to play on current, or future, consoles?

It would be easy to say that time is against us, and trying to revive a game that is so dated would be harder than sharing scones with an Afternoon Tea Rex. But the truth is, nostalgia is currently on trend. After all, two out of the three big hardware manufacturers have invested heavily in creating mini replicas of their consoles of old. And we have enjoyed a number of remasters as of late. Therefore, you cannot rule it out. But would it make economic sense?

Well, the answer is simply, yes. And the question is, what is Capcom waiting for? The internet is gunning for it, and with good reason.

At the time, it was an unexpected diversion from survival games we’d become accustomed to. For starters, there was a female lead who was (mostly) adequately clad. Camera angles became dynamic. And the textures benefited from advanced in-house production. Granted, the influence of Resident Evil remained, but it was more than just a re-skin.

During the following few years, two further games were released – the latter being an Xbox exclusive – but the series somehow suffered from a self inflicted meteor strike. It lost its polish and its central mechanics, though never its potential. Which is why we’re here, twenty years later, talking about the ‘r’ word.

Now, remasters are often seen as a money spinning technique, used by publishers to both raise capital and stretch their gaming catalogue further. And, in part, they are mostly unnecessary – though that’s not saying they’re unwanted. However, when such a length of time exists between a game’s launch and its relaunch, there is a lot of good to come from remaking an old game using modern technology.

Just think of how good a cross between Resident Evil 8 and Monster Hunter World would be!

Are you a fan of Dino Crisis? Or are we facing a remaster crisis? Show us your carnivores in the comments box below.

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