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Asemblance Getting A Second Episode

It’s not often that a game leaves people cross-eyed, mind numbed, and still wanting to know more. That’s exactly what Asemblance did with its sci-fi machinery and eerie yet non-clear story. Turns out that title is going to be an anthology series and Episode 2 is in the works. NiLo Studios recently had a sit down interview with where they revealed a sequel (and possibly more) is currently in production. Each episode will focus on its own story but will loop back onto information from other episodes. So we are fully expecting the plot to be even more confusing but enjoyable.

We are just in production on Episode 2 and some of it is teased in Episode 1. It’s a spiritual successor, with some of the same features and designs, but we are always looking to push ourselves to enhance the experience anyway we think fits and can afford,” says writer Eric Raab. “Episode 2 will be focused on a more conclusive base story to resonate better for casual gamers but still be rife with open questions and puzzles only engaging in the endgame can answer.”

No further information was given in regards to a release date but Asemblance was released awfully fast once it had been announced. More information is sure to come and we’ll keep you updated as it happens. Be sure to also check out our Asemblance review here.

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