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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Free Weekend Starts Tomorrow; Pre-load Now

It seems like a lot of people are looking for something to play right now, and they have plenty of time on their hands. Ubisoft has a way to fill it with their free weekend of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Starting tomorrow and running through March 22nd, you can venture to ancient Greece to put your spin on the world as a male or female character. The game gives you dialogue choices, and, from the trailer above, some beautiful scenery and water to contrast your inevitable carnage.

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If you want to be extra clever, you can pre-load the game now to have it ready to play as soon as it unlocks, because this is more than a tiny demo. During this weekend, the full game will be open to you. (Good luck making it through all that content without mixing up some speed and Red Bull cocktails to stay awake for four days.) On the plus side, any progress you make can easily transfer over to the full version of the game. Speaking of, it is conveniently discounted as the PlayStation Store’s deal of the week, and it’s a decent price for both the regular and gold versions of the game.

Odyssey is the first AC game to really embrace more RPG characteristics. Our own Max Taylor called it “the best in the series yet” in his review, and scored it very highly at 9.5. If you haven’t taken the plunge into this enormous game, check it out starting tomorrow. It’s free, it’s packed with content, and you’re stuck at home anyway.

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