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Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Is Currently Holding A Weekend Event

Well this is a little embarrassing. Last week we wrote to tell you that last weekend’s Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate community event would be the last but we were wrong. The event’s wording implied that it would be the last but either we misinterpreted it (more than likely) or Ubisoft said screw it lets keep going. Either way the continuation of the events is good news because it means more XP and cash for you.

This weekend’s event is called ‘A Sign of the Thames’ and it will give you the chance to earn 20% more cash. All you have to do to earn the extra cash is take over Smuggler’s Boats or take part in Boat Raid events – simple and fun. The event actually started yesterday but you still have plenty of time to reap the rewards because it is running until 9:59 on the 9th of May.

That is that. We’ve included a screenshot down below so you can check out the event’s details for yourself. Let us know if you’ll be taking part this weekend in the comments section below.


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