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Astro Bot Rescue Mission Brings Platforming Adventures to PSVR on October 3rd

Astro Bot Rescue Mission has been given an official release date: October 3rd.

Sony made the announcement over on the PlayStation Blog by having the game’s director, Nicolas Doucet, do a bit of a write-up on the game’s features. There’s also a new trailer showing off a few of the game’s 26 levels – along with commentary from the director himself – and you can give that a watch up in the video embedded above.

The good news for those who like physical copies of their games is that Astro Bot Rescue Mission will be available on both the PlayStation Network and through retailers as a physical release.

Personally, PSVR games are best suited to being digital release, purely because I’m a lazy sod who can’t be bothered to take the headset off and switch out the discs, but that’s just me…

Astro Bot Rescue Mission will also be playable at this year’s Southeast Asia PlayStation Experience, though I imagine it’ll also be present at the North American PSX event, too.

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