Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy Will Allow Players to Use Monster Mounts

New details for Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy were revealed today. We already knew Ryza and friends would be exploring the ruins, but success leads to rewards outside the dungeons too. Ryza will use an Exploration Diary to track information and clues uncovered in the ruins to solve puzzles. The clues come from collecting the Ruin Fragments and Memory Fragments from her Research List. She can use her Compass of Recollection to track down the Memory Fragments. Using these tools and solving the puzzles will unlock other abilities including being able to ride monsters to move across the land.

Exploring ruins in games may be one of my favorite things to do, but it’s even better with a team. Ryza’s friend Lent Marslink will be joining her on this adventure, but he’s not the same person she remembers. After the events on Kurken island, Lent left for three years to sharpen his combat skills. During that time, events happen which have left him less happy, and he’s not thrilled to be with Ryza again. Hopefully, she and the others can cheer him up and help him to be happy again.

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If you’ve been following Koei Tecmo’s Twitter account, they have been dropping more images for the early purchase Summer Costumes. You can grab these for free if you buy the game within the first two weeks, and I have two more for you today. They are for Clifford and Tao, and you can see the images at the bottom.

As the first sequel in the Atelier series, Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy is picking up the story three years after the events in the first game. The characters have grown, and the second game is expanding the abilities and backgrounds. It’s been announced for a winter release, but we may have a firmer release date during the Tokyo Game Show later this month.

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