Atelier Ryza Synthesizes Free Updates Today

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & The Secret Hideout is Gust’s latest game in the long-running franchise. To celebrate, there is free content available for you to download now. Beyond the fixes, the first part of the update adds a camera mode to allow you to take snapshots of your favorite characters. Any of the characters can be placed wherever you want in the picture, so you don’t have to wait for the perfect moment in the game. There is a big selection of filters and frames for you to capture the perfect mood.

The second part of the update is a Weasel Roast high score challenge. When you encounter these cute little enemies (because almost everything in an Atelier game tends to be cute), you can increase your score by increasing your damage. This isn’t just an ego boost for your team. A higher score will earn you some items. Since items are your lifeblood, it could be very valuable indeed.

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The last part of the update gives the player a puni companion. These pets will need to be fed, so they can grow up to be a bigger blob. They will also go on journeys and bring back items. The trailer shows different colors and even a solid metallic color similar to a T-1000 puni. It looks like you’ll have some customization.

There are some fixes included in the patch today too. If you’ve been playing since it released (possible) or you are ready to take your first step into an Atelier game, these little extras will be nice. It also looks like this is only the first free update, so there are more surprises coming.

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