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Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle Out Now on PS4, Launch Trailer Inside

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle is out today, and to celebrate its release Koei Tecmo has released a brand new trailer to get all you action-heads pumped up and ready to slay some massive bad guys. Or something. I don’t know. I’m not sure. I’ve never play an Attack on Titan game; I’ve only edited the reviews my colleagues here at Pure PlayStation have written about them.

According to the Koei Tecmo press release that I am constantly referring to in my attempt to write this article, Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle on PS4 offers “gripping new gameplay modes”, allowing players to experience the narrative of the anime’s Season 3 storyline. Attack on Titan is based on an anime, I knew that much already.

There’s a new Character Episode mode, which follows Season 3’s storyline across three different timelines: the Scout Regiment, 104th Cadet Corps, and the Warriors. You’ll be able to play out the pivotal plot points through the eyes of key characters.

Territory Recovery mode offers something a little different. You’ll be able to create your own dream team made out of any of the 40+ playable characters. Build your squad and then head outside of the walls to fight and claim back the lands so us humans may use them for farming and stuff.

For those of you who already own Attack on Titan 2, you’ll be able to get Final Battle as an upgrade pack, meaning you can jump straight into the Season 3 content. Otherwise, it’s available as a standalone game via retail and digital platforms. If you buy the game within the first month of its release, you’ll unlock the “Queen Historia” costume for Christa; Young Male Coat” for Kenny; “Plain Clothes (Underground City)” for Levi; and the “One-piece Dress” costume for Mikasa.
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