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ATV Renegades Launching on Playstation 4 in April

Jump on your quad bike and grab your passport, ATV Renegades is tearing its way onto Playstation 4 this spring.

From Thailand to Russia, England to Canada, you will skid and slide around one of 24 “white knuckle” tracks, throwing in dozens of tricks in pursuit of the best time possible. In addition to the three game modes (World Tour, Quick Race and Time Trial), the game will also include a two-player split screen co-op mode.

Other features include:


  • Tricked-Out Nitro-Charged, Arcade Racing: Off-road courses allow players to show off jaw-dropping tricks to power up the boost meter
  • Unique Off-Road Courses: With 24 demanding off-road courses, players will hit epic air-bending jumps to unlock new tricks
  • Single-Player and Multiplayer Split-Screen Events: Players will perfect their racing skills in single player mode or compete head-to-head against other players via split-screen in unlocked events
  • Multiple Game Modes: World Tour gives players six challenging tours made up of four separate events; Quick Race lets players race against the game in any unlocked event; Time Trial mode provides speed freaks the ability to race for time at unlocked events and set the best lap/race times


ATV Renegades will be priced at $29.99, and will release on April 18th in North America and April 21st in Europe.

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