August 2021 PS Now Games Revealed

A strong selection of high-quality titles hit PlayStation Now tomorrow.

Sony has been on a roll with the selection of titles added to PlayStation Now and August looks set to continue the trend.

First up is Nier: Automata the sequel to cult classic Nier and a personal favourite of mine. The eccentric Yoko Taro teams up with Platinum Games to deliver an emotional heavy-hitting story combined with the fluid, fast-paced, and action-packed combat that Platinum Games are known for.

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Nier: Automata focuses on androids 2B and 9S as they traverse a post-apocalyptic landscape battling against hordes of alien-created machines. The game requires multiple playthroughs to experience the full story but it’s well worth it. This is a game that’s well worth experiencing and the story will stick with you every time the credits roll. This one comes with a catch, though – it’s only available until November 1st, 2021, so you’ll have to be quick if you want to take advantage of Nier: Automata being on PS Now.

At this point, Undertale has become something of a cultural phenomenon but if you haven’t experienced it first hand then fear not as it’s coming to Playstation Now. Undertale offers a unique take on the RPG genre as rather than fighting monsters, your goal is to either pacify them or subdue them.

These decisions are crucial as they can affect the outcome of the story with character interactions and dialogue changing based on your choices. Of course, you can always choose violence and disregard all of that.

Ghostrunner is the most recent title in the selection having only been released last year. If you’re a fan of The Raid films and you’re mad about cyberpunk settings then this is probably the one for you.

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As Jack, the ghost runner you take up a sword and battle your way through a huge megastructure by dashing, grappling, wall running, and jumping. Ghostrunner offers a pretty compelling challenge as both Jack and any enemy can be killed in one hit, but there’s plenty of upgrades and abilities to be unlocked along the way.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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