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Away: Journey to the Unexpected Has a New 10-Minute Gameplay Video and It Looks Lovely (Pre-Orders Get Free Bonus Game!)

Away: Journey to the Unexpected has a brand new gameplay video for those who are interested in the upcoming feel-good first-person adventure game that’s coming soon to PS4.

The video, which is embedded up above , gives us a lengthy look at the game in action. There’s traversal, a bit of combat, a bit of collecting this and that. It’s quite peaceful for the most part, and it genuinely looks rather lovely. Not too violent, not too grim. No macho men beating things to death. Just a kid slapping green balls to death with a stick. Like I said, it’s lovely.


  • Colourful and unique visuals created by renowned artist and developer Aurélien Regard (The Next Penelope)

  • A refreshing, light-hearted story packed full of adventure and humour

  • A first person adventure with fast-paced combat and rogue-lite elements

  • A vast cast of quirky characters to meet, convince and recruit to fight for you

  • Underpinned by an anime-inspired soundtrack

Away: Journey to the Unexpected also has a cheeky little treat for those who live in Europe and pre-order the game via the PlayStation Store – a free game! Unfortunately it seems this is only for Europeans, but for those who do pre-order the game in Europe there’s a free download of Shape of the World for PS4. It’s a nice little bonus, no?

Away: Journey to the Unexpected is set to release February 5th on PS4.

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